Multichannel Inventory listing and management

Expert Listing Services

What Our Inventory Team Can Do?

Our inventory team, experts in listing services can adapt your product descriptions to maximise visibility and coverage on the different online marketplaces, thus attracting more clients. We understand a variety of indexing systems such as Tecdoc and MAM in the automotive industry, EAN and ASIN’s on Amazon to name but a few. Our company ensure 100% success in every listing services project.

As part of our listing services, we also offer Data Mapping services. Data Mapping is the process by which your product information, when supplied in a spread sheet, or any other type of data stream, is converted by our team into the correct document formats and uploaded onto the multi-channel internet platforms such as eBay and Amazon or such other platforms applicable to your product lines. By using the K-Type code system, we can enhance your customers’ buying experience by maximising the parts compatibility to the customer’s vehicle, creating a faster and easier search process for them.

inventory team experts in listing services can adapt your product

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