6 Things you need to prepare/know before selling on eBay part 1

Online stores, like eBay, allow us to present brands and products as widely as possible. Especially the most visited online marketplaces are a great way to reach new customers, advertise, and increase the visibility of your brand.

But properly listing your products for sale is only half the first step towards using the full capacity of the power these markets hold. eBay is very protective of the customer experience. The more time and effort put into marketing and optimizing your listing, the more your brand will be exposed.

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  1. Think of eBay as a search engine

There is a lot of sellers on eBay. If you are new to selling on eBay or have been selling already but you didn’t find the success you were aiming for, you need a change in your thinking. eBay is a search engine specific to e-commerce and SEO is mandatory if you want to push your listings to the top of the search results.

On eBay, conversion rate, sales velocity, and revenue are key indicators of which sellers and products are the best to surface in shoppers’ search results.

  • Title – Include keywords that you think the buyer will use when searching for your item and product. Avoid spamming keywords. It should be tightaccurate, and intriguing while describing your product’s top features and being easy to read. Do not exceed 80 characters in length and do not use special characters (except if they are not part of the factual data for the product). Stay away from too-shot titles too – 60 characters and more have a 1.5 greater chance of selling.
  • Description – Once bidders find your listing and click on its title, the description you provide will determine if they want to move on and buy your product. Descriptions can have a maximum of 4000 characters. Don’t include untruthful information in your descriptions and don’t use special formatting such as bold or italic.
  • Choosing the right category – every product entry is linked to a specific eBay category. If you don’t specify a category, you can’t create your entry. And if you put your product in the wrong category – it can’t be discovered.

Online stores allow us to present brands and products as widely as possible. Especially the most visited online marketplaces are a great way to reach new customers, advertise, and increase the visibility of your brand.

eBay conversion rate, sales velocity and revenye

And the most important things to not do (and the most annoying for every shopper): “best”, “new”,” top”,” amazing”,” finest” and so one adjective included in titles and descriptions; duplicate listings – if you break this rule your rankings will suffer and your account can even be deleted; posting irrelevant links (either to your shop, other products or forms) – eBay will be quick to shut you down.

  1. Photos

This is the single most important detail for sparking interest in every buyer.
Listings with better photo quality are up to 5% more likely to sell.

  • Use clear, high-quality photos on a plain, neutral background (from white to light grey).
  • Remove any unnecessary elements (no watermarks please), make sure the product occupies almost the entire part of the frame.
  • Upload the highest quality images (max dimension of 15.000 pixels and do not exceed 12 MB) you have prepared up to 12 (24 for Motors listings). For the main photo, always place an image with a front view or a slight-angle view of the product.
  1. Optimize activity

It is possible that optimizing your listing for search discoverability and optimizing for sales and conversion may seem like two different and even contradictory things. But eBay’s algorithm is designed to maximize revenue and show products that are most likely to be purchased based on demand. Their engine works on the principle of Best Match. This makes the detection and conversion both sides of the same coin. You can easily see how effective your listing is by looking at the page views information (My eBay > Activity tab > Selling > Active > Find the listing you want and page views are on the right of the item title).

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