Are you ready for the Brexit tax and customs changes at the end of this year? Webinar video

Brexit tax and custom changes are coming very soon.
A panel of experts from the fields of e-commerce technology & services, customs & tax, and fulfillment & shipping will discuss what you need to do before the end of this year to continue to sell and process orders from 1st January 2021.

  • 1
    VAT changes for online purchases
  • 2
    UK businesses selling to EU countries
  • 3
    VAT compliance for non local businesses storing and dispatching goods in a warehouse in the UK and Germany
  • 4
    Shipping goods into the 3PL in bulk into the UK
  • 5
    Are there any change to customs duties?
  • 6
    What are the changes to FBA with Amazon?
  • 7
    Will Brexit affect sellers?
  • 8
    Changes to the way goods are transported and stored

Your Brexit tax and customs SPEAKERS:

Paul Dilger / Head of marketing for VOLO Commerce.

Alan M. Rhode / Partner – Taxmen, Tax & Legal for ecommerce

Andrew Rowson / CEO E-Motive

James Hayes / Director of Business Development Parcelhub

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