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How to protect your brand online

The online world has seen so little formal policing that protecting your brand online is mandatory especially if you worked so hard to establish it. Failing to respond to threads quickly and taking actions against fraudulent activity can cost lost revenue, diminished customer trust, and tarnished reputation. And even with … Read more

Revenue optimization – why you need it

The world of e-commerce is restless and fast-paced. Even experts don’t know how far it will go tomorrow, let alone in the next few years. But working with technologies and strategies that allow us to be dynamic helps us to adapt to change when change is needed. In the UK … Read more

6 Things you need to prepare/know before selling on eBay part 2

6 things part 2

2020 showed us that sellers need to go online fast and maintain their presence as the demand is only going to grow as e-commerce becomes the new modern salesperson. Remember that what is written in those two articles is the least you need to know to get started. There are … Read more

6 Things you need to prepare/know before selling on eBay part 1

Online stores, like eBay, allow us to present brands and products as widely as possible. Especially the most visited online marketplaces are a great way to reach new customers, advertise, and increase the visibility of your brand. But properly listing your products for sale is only half the first step … Read more