E-Motive taking part in one of the largest environmental campaigns in Europe

E-Motive participating in the most successful initiative, combining responsible thinking towards the environment with reading!

“Books for garbage” is one of the largest environmental campaigns in Europe. The regulation of “Books for garbage” is – everyone can bring a kilogram of recyclable plastic, and in return will receive a book of choice. The purpose of “Books for garbage” is to encourage separate waste disposal, paying serious attention to the problems of recycling, saving resources and nature protection with the example of good practices.

Since the first edition of “Garbage Books” in 2013, as a result of the campaign in Bulgaria over 80 tons of plastic waste have been recycled and tens of thousands of books have been distributed.


What we at E-Motive prepared for the campaign:

– plastic bottles of water, soft drinks, vegetable oils and beer

– yogurt pots and plastic milk bottles

– tubes and bottles of cosmetics and sanitary products

– plastic cups and plates / cleaned of food residues /, pallets and crates

– plastic bags, stretch film or packaging film

– plastic toys

All the transferred plastics were emptied of contents and crushed to take up less space.

The “Books for garbage” campaign was created by ​​Smart Books Publishing House in 2011. SmartBooks is known for its travel books and classic children’s editions. Their mission is related to nature conservation and reading good books. With the help of the Credo Bonum Foundation which is an independent non-governmental organization. Founded in 2006, focused on projects and initiatives contributing to positive change in areas such as culture, ecology, sustainability, environmental protection and others.

All epidemiological regulations were observed during the campaign. Participants were able to help keep their distance from the queues for handing over plastic and receiving books.

Last year’s E-Motive PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) portal earned an outstanding innovation award by IAAF. Check more on the topic HERE.