The importance of the Positive Customer Experience

The importance of the Positive Customer Experience

TL;DR: -E-Commerce is All About Reputation.

-Good customer service brings more positive feedback.

-More positive feedback brings more sales and happy loyal clients.

Selling on different marketplaces is not just about listing and selling goods. You have to be good at doing it and your customers need to believe/trust you are good at it. Which means, everything needs to be smooth along the way. The look and feel of your seller accounts, not just on eBay/ Amazon but on every marketplace, buyers can find you on, needs to be properly taken care of.

We all know that every marketplace has performance-measuring metrics. In fact, they are very similar on all marketplaces. But the difference of not hitting the required targets ranges from an email notification to an account suspension. But even without suspension, a poorly rated seller will have their search results pushed to the bottom of the pile (which will cut off your reach).  It is essential you don’t get into the drop zone; this is why working with a marketplace specialist like E-Motive Online ( you can contact us by clicking here ) can help to ensure your account is within the top tier of sellers.

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

Michael LeBoeuf, Author of How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life

The hidden gem in those measurements is the actual customer satisfaction and taking care of your sales journey. Nowadays online businesses have bigger opportunities, flexibility and reach, than the traditional highstreets shop, the trade-off is they need to deliver a top-level buying experience.

We’ve always emphasized (and always will) the importance of keeping your customers happy as this can affect your business reputation (which is a major component of e-commerce). Each of your buyers gives you a degree of trust every time they buy something from you. According to, happy customers whose issues are resolved will tell as many as six people about their positive experience. And loyal customers eventually end up buying additional products or services. Additionally, repeat purchases and word-of-mouth referrals are something that any amount of marketing will struggle to match.

Happy customers not only mean that they are more likely to show you loyalty and refer their friends and family to you, but it also means you get points from your marketplace platform of choice. Good reviews also help you rank better in SEO. The reviews are the first thing people check when deciding on a seller when deciding on buying a product when prices are similar. Not to mention that with the influence of other social media channels, some reviews can become so popular that they will skyrocket brands and products (and the opposite). It all comes down to having a good online reputation.

What if you get a negative review or some negative ratings? Deservedly or not, it can damage your reputation, and that can be bad news for you. But fear not – bringing in new customers is always harder (and costs more as you have to market more) than retaining existing ones, and doing everything in your power to turn that experience around.

Using our knowledge of the marketplaces, we can help and advice on best practice to avoid you running into troubles with your marketplace profile. Our customer service team is trained to turn a negative experience into a positive one, avoiding the need to be re-activated.

In the event of a negative experience being recorded in the account, we can work with the buyer and the marketplace to arrange for that experience not to affect the overall performance of the account. That together with offering a fully managed customer service solution, we can take care of all your multichannel customer support concerns.

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